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COOK N' ESCAPE 1000ml titanium camping water bottle

  1. Size:Dimension:L129XW76XH191mm;Capacity:1000ml;Weight:160g
  2. Features:Titanium Canteen Water Bottle Rugged looking, can hold a large volume of water, lid has a plastic seal to prevent water leakage. Overall military style, creates a military-like atmosphere.
  3. Combination:It can be combined with Titanium Canteen Hango, and the Titanium Canteen series is very useful for storage and use; the two types are recommended together.
  4. Titanium:Metal titanium has corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and environmental performance, and is used in various fields. Will not leave any metal smell or taste, can maintain the original flavor of the drink. It is environmentally friendly and improves human health.
  5. Application:Coffee, tea, liquor bottles for daily use, home use, travel, business trip, outdoor use, camping, hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing, fishing, cycling, running and many other scenes. It is also very suitable as a gift.
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