10 amazing benefits of Cook’n’Escape Titanium gear

10 amazing benefits of Cook’n’Escape Titanium gear

10 amazing benefits of Cook’n’Escape Titanium gear

What’s the difference between Cook’n’Escape and other brands?

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10 Amazing benefits of Cook’n’Escape Titanium gear

1. Lightweight

Its density weight is 1/2 of stainless steel, but the strength is 2 times that of stainless steel; its density weight is less than 2 times that of aluminum, but the strength is 3 times that of aluminum.

2. High strength

Titanium offers incredible and universal benefits: practical and durable; ridiculously lightweight but ultra-strong at the same time.

3. High-temperature resistance

Long-term use at 600 ℃ does not fatigue, cooking on the high-temperature flame is not easy to deform.

4. Low-temperature resistance

The strength of titanium will increase as the temperature decreases, maintaining good ductility and toughness at a low temperature of -235 ℃. The touch of titanium is warm and smooth, there is no cold feeling as in other metals.

5. Corrosion-resistant

Excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, it will not rust after being immersed in seawater for 5 years.

6. Antibacterial

Food preserved in titanium tableware has a long-lasting color, fragrance, and taste.

7. Practical heat conduction

The titanium surface is not easy to scale, which can reduce the thermal resistance and significantly improve the heat exchange of titanium. When the bottom of the pot is heated, the heat will quickly be transferred to the pot through the bottom, and the left and right conduction is very slow. So the temperature of the handle of the titanium pot will be lower, and the inside of the pot will heat up quickly.

8. Healthy, harmless to the human body

Titanium is recognized as a non-toxic element in the world. As pointed out in the "Metal Handbook" edited by the American Society of Metals, titanium and its compounds are almost physiologically inert to the human body, and titanium metal that has no effect on the vegetative nerve and taste nerve of human beings. Titanium ions do not transfer in the human body with blood and body fluids.

9. Eco-Friendly, no pollution to the environment

It is recyclable, will not pollute the earth and air.

10. Pleasant to touch

Even in quite cold outdoor conditions, the Titanium gear has a warmth to the feel that encourages you to touch it.

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