Why we use Titanium?

Why we use Titanium?

Why we use Titanium?

Titanium has a well-known reputation as a biological metal, marine metal, and aerospace metal for its superior characteristics. It has been used in outdoor sports tableware for a long time too, but not that widely. But the impact of the epidemic on the world has made people pay closer attention to health and environmental protection.

Titanium VS other metals for cooking

Too much accumulation of aluminum in the human body will accelerate aging and be harmful to health. Therefore, when using aluminum tableware, be careful, do not scrape it, it may mix in food; besides, aluminum tableware should not be used to cook acidic and alkaline food, otherwise, aluminum will be dissolved in large quantities in the food.

Stainless steel kitchenware will precipitate heavy metals after long-term use. So you need to change your cookware at some point. (Iron pan) Rust can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, upset, etc. Furthermore, it is not suitable to store edible oil in iron containers, since iron is easily oxidized and deteriorated.

If titanium tableware is so good, why is it not more popular?

The main reason is that its price at retail is high. Titanium is not a rare metal; it is expensive because it is difficult to process. Does its value match its high price? Everyone can answer for themselves. Technological progress will hopefully reduce production costs in the future and allow titanium to be commonly used in people's lives.

The era of titanium tableware is coming.

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