Is a cup/pot essential to a wilderness survival kit?

Is a cup/pot essential to a wilderness survival kit?

Is a cup/pot essential to a wilderness survival kit?

Preparing the perfect survival kit is all the rage among survival-minded people. Large “Bug-Out-bags” to small tin cans kits, they come in all shapes and forms, and are subject of never ending discussions and debates. Some kit items are highly popular like lighters or knives, and rightfully so, as they are essential to survival. Yet, some items, although just as essential, are not often discussed with as much passion. It is the case of containers, like cups and pots! The super efficient John Rambo is well known for his knife, he kills wild pigs with it. However we rarely see him disinfect his water by boiling it in a pot! Not something Hollywood worthy! Yet, it is a fundamental wilderness skill!

Yes, a good cup/pot should be an essential in your survival kit, it will

  • keep you hydrated! It is the first use for a pot: a handy container for liquids, whether to drink or to carry.
  • melt snow and get you drinking water; absolutely vital in winter or high mountains.
  • boil water and make it drinkable by killing dangerous bacteria. Boil water for 10 minutes at least.
  • cook food, making it tasty and safe to consume, again, by killing the nasty stuff with heat.
  • serve as a container for many things: shovel snow or dirt, carry fire or anything, make a lantern, a pail to extinguish your campfire, etc…

And please, don’t think it is easy, or even possible, to make on the spot a natural container that can adequately replace a manufactured pot. Knowing how to make containers in the Wild is a skill, and it is a task you wish you could skip in a true survival scenario.

Of course, all outdoor people understand that eating and drinking is fully part of the outdoor experience; campers, backpackers, canoe trippers, all need to eat and drink during their travels, they last at least a few days. But outdoor people should also understand that even for a day, a type of container should be included in their kit. Sure a cup or pot takes precious space in a day pack, but who knows? They may have to spend the night outdoors. Their car may break down on an isolated and snowy road. They may have to help someone in a dire survival situation. Of course, the space issue can easily be mitigated. A cup/pot is an empty vessel when carried, why not let it be the container for the survival kit?

-What is the ideal pot/cup size for the survival minded? The first answer would have to be “any is better than none” but let’s try to precise our thoughts. For one person, or for a simple daypack a cup/pot from 450 ml (oz) to 1 l (oz) seems reasonable, with maybe a sweet spot around 600 ml (oz).

By now you probably understand that no survival kit can be complete without a pot. So what material should one choose for it? Titanium of course! It is super light and tough!

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