Sausages — a celebration of outdoor life

Sausages — a celebration of outdoor life

Sausages — a celebration of outdoor life

Sausages: one of the most iconic outdoor foods. It’s a favorite because it’s a fantastic way to celebrate life outdoors. Here are a few thoughts and tips on the beloved cooking activity.

Meal prepping can make or break your outdoor party. And what’s easier to prepare than sausages? They come in such a variety: merguez, blood sausage, chipolata, cervelat, andouillette, fish sausage, etc. They can be pork, beef, lamb, poultry, or veggie sausages, it does not matter! They can accommodate many tastes.

Sausages are easy meat to prepare because they are often precooked. There are few risks to undercooking them. Furthermore, they are inexpensive and widely available. Most grocery stores carry some types of sausages.

Cooking sausages in the great outdoors is about sociability. You don’t cook sausages just for yourself, but for a group. Preparing sausages requires a little bit of work and time, but when it’s part of a social event, that work becomes fun. Every group member can help in some way.

Sausages are about creating memories, not about eating healthy. Many generations before us experienced the joy of cooking outdoors, and sausages were often a highlight of the experience, along with marshmallows of course. “Sausage time” is about childhood and nostalgia, but more importantly, it’s about having fun, not about tracking macros. Sausages are rich in protein, but also in fat, and overall, it gives the right calories for people who spend time outdoors.

A certain sense of place and space. Cooking outdoors means spending more time in natural areas. Grilling sausages in a city campground or a faraway wilderness region will give you a better appreciation for the area and time spent away from home and the office.

Sausages = campfire. The best sausages are grilled over coals. Some sausages get burnt. No problem, they may still be delicious! Just remove the blackened parts. Of course, it’s also possible to boil them or fry them in a pan.

What’s the etiquette when a sausage falls by mistake in the coals or on the ground? If you are the clumsy one who did this, just assume the mistake. Either eat the sausage if you can salvage it, or just lose it to the flames! One less for you.

Sausage cooking must-haves. For a successful sausage party you need at least a frying pan or a grill, and a few utensils, like tongs. We prefer titanium utensils because they are strong yet so lightweight.

The smell of sausages attracts people, neighbors, but also pets, and wildlife. Always think about the possibility of a bear visiting your campsite. But keep a piece of sausage for Fido, because it’s cruel to cook in front of your pet and not give it a piece of the fun.

What are the best foods to eat with sausages? Potatoes and eggs, baked beans, and salads are often favorites… but the very best food to eat with sausages is bread! That’s why hot dogs are such a campers’ classic!

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