The Pros of Titanium Cookware

The Pros of Titanium Cookware

The Pros of Titanium Cookware

You may have seen titanium cookware on the shelves of your favorite outdoor gear retailer. For sure, you have already heard about “titanium,” but maybe you don’t understand yet what’s so special about it. Since we are titanium cookware experts we are happy to explain its virtues. 


If you have never held a titanium pot you can’t actually realize how light it feels. Everyone knows the feeling of lifting a stainless steel pot in the kitchen! Stainless is so heavy it feels like you could knock unconscious home invaders with it. However, the first time you lift a titanium pot it does not feel real, you feel like it is made of cardboard, light cardboard!

This is the reason why titanium is a favorite of backpackers and the ultra-light outdoor crowds. The natural ecosystem of titanium is a backpack! A cooking kit made of this metal can be carried everywhere since one would barely feel its weight. Naysayers would say: “OK, so it is light, but can you actually rely on it in the most challenging situation?” You bet! 

-Tough as hell!

People doubt it the first time they weigh a titanium pot. One of their first questions is: “Can I use it on a campfire?” We get it. People are used to putting cast iron skillets or thick stainless steel pots on their burning hot campfires, how could a flimsy titanium pot go on such fire and not be deformed or destroyed? Well, those people are in for a surprise, titanium pots do surprisingly well in a campfire! And in many ways they do even better than regular pots! For one thing, they will boil your water, or warm your meal, much faster! Titanium has a short cooking time, its properties are hard to beat. 

- Resistant to corrosion and safe.

Titanium won’t rust: quite useful for those wilderness trippers who are always wet! Furthermore, contrary to other metals it is said to be “non reactive”. It means it doesn’t “react” or change the taste of food, and it won’t leak harmful chemicals in your body. Titanium is a safe option compared to metals like aluminum, copper, and iron that are known to be “reactive” with certain foods and can release dangerous chemicals in the body. 

- Durable and eco-friendly.

When you choose to purchase titanium you need to purchase less. Long term you are saving money. It is quality material. Forget plastic cups, think about the next generations: accept to pay the price for a titanium cup that you may be able to leave to your kids one day. Of course, durability goes hand in hand with sustainability. Titanium is an eco-metal that is actually already present all around us, it is 100% recyclable. Therefore, It won't pollute our world like plastics do. And of course, for exploring the great outdoors it is impossible to deny its overall advantage.

- Practical material for wilderness survival.

In proportion to its weight it is ultra-resistant. Unless you do something really clumsy or very stupid, you won’t break it. And it does not matter what source of heat you are using: big stove, small backpacking stove, campfire... It will do its job: help you get fed, hydrated, warm and in good health. And, just like we say for cameras, “the best camera is the one you have with you”, because titanium pots and cups are so light, it is more likely you will have them with you when they are really needed.

Titanium is the smart choice for outdoor cookware, especially for wilderness trippers, backpackers and survival minded people. At Cook’n’Escape, we believe in titanium and we sell it. More than ever people are “Earth conscious” and betting on titanium is hoping for a sustainable tomorrow.

Of course we are also objective enough to see the flaws of titanium cookware, we discuss it in this article: The Cons of Titanium Cookware.


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